The 4 steps of becoming part of our community

Below you'll hopefully find all the info you need to get involved and get started! (But if you don't, send us an email using the contact form!)

A Word from Father Superior

Welcome! Historically, the monastery has been a place to build a community, where monks or nuns have congregated. But also, people who have had the need for shelted, support or who are fleeing from persecution has been welcomed into the monastery. The monastery also has a long tradition of growing crops for self-sustenance, brewing beer (the monastery is the original micro brewery), or even champagne (arguably, the most famous monk in the world is Dom Perignon)!

Before the printing press it was the site where there was libraries. And to preserve books, a monk or nun would lovingly slave over old manuscript, copying them by hand. In addition, many interesting forms of music has emerged from the monastery.

And then we haven't even touched on the spiritual aspects! The 'spiritual' in this case is governed, not by dogmatic theology, but by the 10 principles of Burning Man. Under this guise a lot of exciting stuff can happen. And you are most welcome to be a part.