Event time: Closing Circle!

Kinäs Kloster: Closing Circle happens 13th-15th of September. Join us!

Full freedom can be a tricky thing. A lot of us are used to having to relate to boxes. ’Think outside the box’ we’re told, but people seldom actually means that. ’Feel fully free’ is a typical free-church phrase, that also doesn’t mean that you are fully free.

So what happens when people are fully free? We don’t know. But we hope to find out.

And we hope to help each other get there. Sounds good, right?

The next thing that happens is Kinäs Kloster: Closing Circle, our closing participatory event for the season 2019, 13th-15th of September! Here you can read about what has happened previously. But what do you want to do?

If you’re a DJ or performer, maybe you are used to catering to your audience. Here you can gift (principle 2: gifting) a set that is 100% you, 100% free. If you want to jam with others, bring instruments (and ask around for others to do the same). If you feel like deep conversations, set up a philosophy/theology workshop. (The first year we may have broken the world record in spontaneous philosophy-talks, with an on-going conversation that lasted for 12 hours!) We’ve also had a gifting bar – give and take what you want from it – and a giftin library – with books, music and films that people have gifted. Pull out a grill, make some food and share it! Go for a swim in the lake. Host a yoga workshop. Or something completely different. It’s all up to you!

Once you have registered, go to our forum kinaskloster.boards.net to start co-creating the event, see how you can help and reach out for the things you need help with!