Much like other monasteries, Kinäs Kloster is a donation-based organisation.

To register for one of our events email and write what event you want to attend.

You will get a confirmation that you are welcome to attend (if there is space left at the event). You will also get payment instructions. Even if you decide how much you want to support us with, it’s a must to register.


Kinäs Kloster relies on your support. We want everyone to feel most welcome to join in and build a vibrant, creative, trusting community. In order to do so, we don’t do ’tickets’ to our events. Instead, we do suggested donations. If you feel that you can contribute with more, this is of course very welcome, because some people will be able to contribute less. If you feel that what we do sounds like a promising step towards building a community of creativity, art, philosophy, ritual, and meaningful interaction – then you can also support by donating to us, even if you cannot come to our events at this particular point in time! If you can find it in your heart to do so, this is extremely valuable for us, so don’t underestimate the value of your gift!

Suggested donations are as follows:

One event: 300 sek

If you want to visit one of our (opening or closing) events of the season.

Two events and season access: 600 sek

If you want to visit both our events or one of the events + make use of the monastery over the season (ranging from May to September).

Be a patron: ? sek

If you can find it in your heart to support us, even if you can’t come, this keeps us going. Please feel free to do so.


Send a mail to and payment instructions will follow.


Now what?

Once you’ve registered – go to our forum, and start co-creating the event of your dreams!